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Winstrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone which is distributed as an aqueous suspension or tablet. This is originally developed by Winthrop Laboratories. Its generic name is Stanozolol and sometimes called as Winny. It can be taken as an oral pill or as an injection.winstrol

One unique characteristics of the injectable form is it is being dissolved in water not like other steroids which are usually dissolved in oil. This would mean that a bodybuilder or user can inject it more frequent. Injections can be done every other day or even on a daily basis. The effective dosage for Winstrol is 50 mg a day for injection while up to 5 tablets for oral form.

It is famous among bodybuilders because of its cutting effect. A favorite of competitive bodybuilders because it doesn’t aromatize into estrogens. No water retention and other side effects. Known in the bodybuilding circle as one of the most effective cutting agent. Since it contains low androgens, it is usually stacked with other steroids like Primabolan or Testosterone Propionate and Masteron.

If used for bulk cycles, it can be taken with either Deca-Durabolin or Testosterone. In using winstrol it is also recommended to have a diet high in proteins and calories to enhance it benefits.

Notable benefits of using Stanozolol include increase in strength and leaner muscles. Most users said that the result is long term even after they stop taking winstrol. It is not only popular in bodybuilding but also on other sports such as professional athletes in track and field, boxing, and martial arts just to name a few. Many users are satisfied with its effects. This is a safe and very effective steroid as long as administered properly.