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Essential Supplements for Bodybuilding

Taking the right kind of supplements can help you increase weight and bulk up sooner than simply eating a lot of protein and lifting a lot of weights. For those who are just starting to build and sculpt their body,body building supplements there are various supplements to choose from. While there are a myriad of choices out there, you should stick with essential supplements that have stood the test of time and are popular among professional bodybuilders. Below are some of them.
Protein Shakes

Protein shakes or “weight gainers” consist mostly of concentrated and some isolate whey proteins. Different brands have different concentrations and additional ingredients. Some include other proteins such as egg and milk proteins. Protein shakes have high carbohydrate content, usually a complex carbohydrate that is high glycemic such as maltodextrin, and fructose, which is a simple sugar derived from fruits. Protein shakes are very effective for weight gain and bulking up because they provide quality calories for gaining muscles, as opposed to loading up on bad carbs and proteins with fats.


Getting a complete dose of multivitamins and minerals is essential for your body to operate at maximum efficiency and therefore invaluable in bodybuilding. Vitamins and minerals are fundamental in converting food into energy, tissues, and hormones. Vitamins are also needed to enhance the activity of proteins and instigate chemical reactions for fat burning, muscle building and energy production. Minerals are vital for your brain function, particularly in receiving correct signals from the body, as well as for building of bones and muscle. It also helps in the balance of fluids, energy production, and muscular contraction.

Flaxseed Oil

There are a lot of oils high in fat that are bad for your health but there are some kinds of oils that are very good for your health and your body; one of such is flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is a polyunsaturated fat that contains Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Omega 3 is one of the two essential fats that the body requires (the other being Omega-6 fatty acid). It is called an essential fatty acid because the body is not able to produce it on its own and has to be obtained from food sources. Omega 3 helps improve the immune system, hormonal production, energy production, and insulin sensitivity. As a plus, one tablespoon of flaxseed oil is equal to 120 calories, which is useful for gaining weight.


Creatine is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements available over-the-counter. It is a metabolite composed of three amino acids—l-glycine, l-arginine, and l-methionine—all naturally produced in the body. The amino acids travel to the muscles and are converted to creatine phosphate, which are then used to regenerate ATP, short for adenosine triphosphate—the ultimate energy source for the muscles. Creatine supplements allow for more repetitions for any type of body weight. They also retain water in the muscle cell, thereby enlarging the muscles. Taking this essential supplements in as little as two weeks can already show significant results, making them extremely popular in bodybuilding.


When the muscle is stressed during weight training, workouts or strict diet regimens, it releases l-glutamine—an amino acid that is abundant in the muscle cells. L-glutamine protects the muscle from catabolic activities and speeds up muscle recuperation. It also helps to enhance the immune system and increase muscle volume thus making it as one of the essential supplements in bodybuilding.

Testosterone supplements

If you are serious about competing, you may want to look into testosterone boosting supplements. However, these are only recommended for those older than 25, when hormone production begins to decrease. They can also be rather expensive and have some unwanted side-effects such as hormonal imbalance.